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A wide selection of sports and street assortments.

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The collections are made 100% in Poland in our sewing rooms.


Ingenuity, originality and uniqueness of graphics in club and individual projects.


The highest standards of clothing production are guaranteed by the high quality of the material and the technologically advanced production process.

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Our consultants for club and personalized orders:

Katalog XYZ

The high level of interest in the EXTREME HOBBY brand, as seen by the number of regular orders, has convinced us of the need to create visualisations in the form of a catalogue.

We'll show you what we've done with the idea for the XYZ FIGHT ACADEMY club, which wanted to show off their logo and characteristic club colours not just in the arena but also during "civilian" outings.

We hope our brief descriptions of the manufacturing solutions we've used will give you a picture of our capabilities and convince you of the high quality that is our second nature.

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