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Running clothing

Running clothing


When you gear up with Extreme Hobby, you're arming yourself with class, freedom and a one-of-a-kind personality. Our running clothing doesn't just breathe—it roars, rivalling the lung power of a marathon runner before the final charge. We control every detail: from fabric selection to the last stitch. We grind, we sculpt, we refine. No detail is too small to be honed to deadly perfection. Because of our obsessive pursuit of excellence, you get the gear that exceeds your expectations.


Men's running clothing


Extreme Hobby isn’t just a brand for warriors of the ring, but also for those who fight their battles on the treadmill, in the park or on the mountain trails. Our men's running clothing is a lethal blend of durability, functionality and style. With elite fabrics, every stride you take is fuelled with optimum airflow, even when you're giving it all. Whether you're chasing records or a better version of yourself, Extreme Hobby is a brand for enthusiasts who simply love the sport. Feel the raw power! In colder weather, beanie hats are another essential piece of running clothing. Check out our designs.


We haven't overlooked the fierce femme warriors. For the she-athletes drawn to the pulse of adrenaline, the dance of freedom, and the rhythm of the run, we've forged exclusive running clothes. Our sets ensure sublime comfort, featherlight resilience, and a unique look. With unbreakable fabrics, a perfect fit, and thoughtful details, you'll showcase your determination to go the extra mile in a style. In our women's running clothing, you're unstoppable.

women's running gear
running clothes for men and women


With us, you don't have to worry about your butt getting cold. The EH running clothes are the shield that protects you from nature's fiercest challenges. Armed with cutting-edge technology, we've crafted gear to defy the cold, heat e.g. our running shorts, rain and wind. Our clothes are your thermal guardians. Blaze through brutal weather. Quitting? You don’t have time for that!


Crafted for the relentless asphalt warriors, our running shirts and tank tops are born from materials that breathe fury and fire, ensuring no obstacle keeps you from the finish line. When the chill bites, wear thick running leggings built for thermal comfort. Amp up your men's running set with a warm sweatshirt. In summer, when the sun blazes, opt for our 1/3 leggings or shorts—just like their longer version, they promise incredible mobility. Lift your leg to the skies, or just enough to take another step.

men's running gear
women's running gear


Not sure what to wear for your morning workout? Let EH clear that fog. Our women's running gear is destined to top your go-to list. Moisture-wicking T-shirts guarantee you look just as good in the photos taken at the start and finish lines. Our full-length leggings gently wrap around your legs, protecting them from the cold. As a little bonus, they sculpt and highlight your form, boosting your confidence. When the heat turns up, slide into our 1/3 leggings or shorts; feather-light and comfortable, they give you a real sense of freedom during a run.


The moment you don your EH running gear, you’re entering a different world. You become ready for the tough conditions, the most intense workouts and the longest distances. Train hard, and forget about ill-fitted clothes. In the EH clothes, every muscle and tendon in your body fires up, driving you with an unstoppable momentum. Every stitch and every seam echoes your passion. Choose only an outfit that you want to identify with. Declare to the world: You bow to no one.

men's running clothes
women's running clothes


Beat your own goals, and leave the competition behind, while looking like a true running goddess. Our women's running gear is designed with strong, independent women in mind. Visualize slipping into our gear. Like a second skin, the clothes mould to your body, giving you complete freedom of movement. You're prepared for the challenges the route will throw at you. Each stride, each breath and drop of sweat on your skin is proof of your strength. In our clothing, you're not only strong, you also look phenomenal. Declare to the world: You bow to no one.


Ordinary fabric for running gear? That's not how we roll. In the production of our garments, we have used advanced technology created especially for you. With the A.A.A.R/X fibres and REH-TECH knitwear, we offer the perfect blend of featherlight agility and durability to fuel your quest for superior performance. Our gear amplifies your potential, driving you to your full force. Wondering what turns a runner into a winner? Increased air circulation, optimal body temperature and moisture wicking will put your body in optimal condition to fight for success. Join the elite, and trust the latest technology.

Extreme Hobby running gear