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Women's sportswear

Women's sportswear


Extreme Hobby's women's sportswear stands out for its perfectly tailored cuts and colourful designs. Our clothes, known for their sculpted fit and bold designs, are crafted to match your relentless spirit. Unleash your inner warrior! No matter the training ground: be it the ring, the gym, or the streets, our gear won't let you down. Don our shirts, rashguards, shorts, sweatshirts and tops, and feel the surge of invincibility that comes with comfort and style. If your life is marked by ceaseless challenges, our sportswear is your perfect companion.

ladies' sports leggings


A true warrior comprehends that your lower attire is as important as what you wear on top. The Extreme Hobby sports leggings are the perfect pair for our women's rashguards. Equip yourself with a complete set now and save yourself from the problem of "What should I wear today". These leggings will lend you an air of glam at the gym and during outdoor sessions. The stretch fabric ensures thermoregulation, while the compression fit adds an extra nudge to your muscles. You’ll love them so much that you'd want to wear them in summer as well. That's why we've crafted variants with shorter legs: the ideal women's gym clothes.

Women's sports leggings


From tank tops, technical shirts, women's rashguards, long-sleeves, to short-sleeves – Extreme Hobby offers an arsenal of choices. Our range caters to every aspect of your training needs, helping you to show your strength and determination. Our shirts are thermoreactive, quick-drying, and tailored to your physique. They accentuate your toned body, while warding off skin irritation. Be prepared for all circumstances and equip your closet with a diverse selection of models. Given the fickle nature of the European climate, our short and long-sleeved shirts are prepared to tackle any weather.

Women's sports T-shirts
ladies' sports shirts Extreme Hobby
ladies' wrestling leotards


Our women's wrestling leotards are sportswear crafted for bold missions. As you hit the mat, there's no room for half-hearted sportswear. Let the outfit distract your opponent! Consisting of a single piece of cohesive fabric, the garment leaves subtlety at the door. Crafted from Lycra, it fits like a second skin, flawlessly mirroring your body's movements. Made to the highest standards of United World Wrestling, our leotards promise uncompromised quality for all crucial moments.

Women's wrestling leotards


What's your battleground? The MMA ring, the gym, the running track, or the sports field? Whether your style leans towards a relaxed or loose fit, our wide range ensures your confidence and comfort. Our sports women's sets precisely cater to your discipline's demands, whether you're training for combat sports or gearing up for a running competition. With original designs and classic prints, choosing becomes a delightful task. Feeling adventurous? We've designed bold skirts and shorts for a brave warrior like you. Browse through our entire selection and let yourself be surprised. Step by step, round by round, our shorts will prove their worth.

Women's sports shorts
Women's sports shorts
Extreme Hobby women's sports tops


No one appreciates the importance of an extra layer under a T-shirt more than an athletic woman in action. When you're pushing against your limits, the last distraction you need is uncomfortable underwear. Dreaming of peak comfort? Planning to focus entirely on your workout? Our sports tops will give you the boost of confidence you need. They'll secure your bust in place as you execute dynamic movements, proving perfect for running or combat sports alike. Stop worrying about the sweat. Our EH women's fitness clothes dry swiftly, ensuring long-lasting freshness. Here's your gear, crafted for the true warrior in you.

Women's sports tops


Our women's sports sweatshirts are the perfect solution for those bracing against the chill to keep their training on track. Don't let cold or rainy weather stop you from that run or cycling session. Bad weather is a poor excuse! We're not asking you to brave the cold: our sports sweatshirts shield you effectively during workouts. Browse our store and discover both soft sweatshirts and advanced, breathable models crafted for professional runners. Choose your favourite – but beware, they're dangerously addictive! Make room in your wardrobe.

Women's sports sweatshirts
women's sports sweatshirts
Extreme Hobby women's sports sweatshirts


Comfortable, flexible, reliable: That's the ethos of our women's sports tracksuits. Born from street culture, they're the perfect blend of style and comfort. Designed for those women who aren't afraid to prove their strength in and out of the gym. Tracksuits are your everyday armour, whether you're working out, travelling, or chilling. Wrap yourself in the soft material. Gold or folk patterns: Which aligns more with your unique style? Choose a tracksuit that truly suits your personality.

Women's sports tracksuits


The abbreviations REH-TECH, G.N.X.SPORT-TECH, and A.A.A.R/X may sound like cryptic jargon, but for us, they're badges of pride. Our women's sportswear isn't just about the aesthetic look. It’s engineered using the latest technologies to fuel your performance. Although it'd be audacious to credit sportswear as the key to success, we believe our clothes come close. Functionality and impeccable look drive our process from design to packaging. Observe the professionals training in our gear – you're only a step away from joining their ranks. Just as you change exercises to target different muscles, give thought to the gear you wear. Clothing that suits your style and preferences can soon become your trademark. Fancy being the most stylish person at the gym? Extreme Hobby women's sportswear is a way to achieve this goal. Opt for one of our ultra-feminine Folk or Rose collections, or make a statement with the unique Comics or Bulterier. Browse our shop to find your dream model. It's time to test our women's sportswear!

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